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Trauma-Focused Interventions: Domestic Violence Survivors

Course #: 09-570

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Course Description

CEU Course Description 

Many intimate partner violence (IPV) survivors are still under threat of ongoing abuse or stalking, which not only directly impacts their physical and psychological safety, but impacts treatment options as well.  The goals of this CEU course are to review the trauma-based treatments that have been designed or modified specifically for IPV survivors and provide cautions and recommendations for moving forward.

CEU Course Objectives

  1. Enumerate the unique areas of concern salient to abused women.
  2. Investigate when additional safety planning strategies may be required for intervention.
  3. Examine the features included in cognitive behavioral therapy.
  4. Identify the condition that IPV survivors are at risk for developing and has been found to significantly relate to the development of PTSD.
  5. Provide the first treatment phase of complex trauma models, making these models particularly salient for survivors of IPV.
  6. Describe what is referred to by the term intimate partner violence.

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