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Bioterrorism: A Comprehensive Review for Health Care Professionals

Course #: 09-900

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Course Description

CEU Course Description

Bioterrorism attacks may lead to mass infection, disease and serious, life-threatening conditions. As a result, health care professionals are often required to administer health care to those victimized by bioterrorism attacks. Therefore, health care professionals must possess an understanding of bioterrorism-related concepts to safely and effectively administer health care to those in need. This course will review bioterrorism and bioterrorism-related concepts in order to provide health care professionals with the relevant knowledge necessary to safely and effectively administer health care to those victimized by a bioterrorism attack.

CEU Course Objectives

  1. Review bioterrorism-related concepts, while obtaining insight into specific bioterrorism agents and diseases.
  2. Explore methods to prepare for a bioterrorism attack.
  3. Examine essential elements of action which may be required during, and after, a bioterrorism attack.

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