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Sexual Assault - Enhancing Sexual Assault Services

Course #: 09-434

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Course Description

CEU Course Description 

Healing from sexual violence is a process that often takes time, resources, and empathic support.  This CEU course provides information to support nurses that are part of sexual assault service programs in strengthening their organizational and individual responses to survivors of sexual violence through the use of a trauma-informed approach by understanding trauma; defining trauma-informed services; core principles of trauma-informed services; spheres of implementation; and a guide for integrating trauma-informed services. 

This material was reprinted, with permission, from The National Sexual Assault Coalition Resource Sharing Project and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center's publication entitled 'Building Cultures of Care: A Guide for Sexual Assault Services Programs.'  This guide is available by visiting

 CEU Course Objectives

  1. Enumerate what can trigger feelings of fear and helplessness in survivors.
  2. Explain the core focus of trauma-informed services.
  3. Investigate short-term and long-term medical roles that nurses should provide.
  4. Define vicarious trauma.
  5. Describe how nurses can practice supportive techniques with survivors.

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