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Promoting Sexual Health

Course #: 09-433

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Course Description

CEU Course Description 

Sexuality affects individuals and society across a broad spectrum of activities through health and also through factors at multiple levels such as gender relations, reproduction, and economics.  Physiologic, behavioral, and affective measurement of sexuality and sexual behavior is complicated by cultural values and norms, but is essential to individual health as well as public health.  Cultural or structural norms that stigmatize aspects of sexuality have adverse effects on individuals across their lifespan.  This CEU course provides highlights of a technical consultation with experts in the field of sexual health convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and explores maintaining consistent engagement of members, and adopting short-term solutions and strategies to move the sexual health agenda forward.

 CEU Course Objectives

  1. Discuss the benefits from advancing a sexual health framework.
  2. Enumerate the measurable sexual health objectives that have been identified to measure sexual health and responsibility progress.
  3. Investigate the most common sexual problems among men and women.
  4. Examine what is noted as being the most important factor when predicting sexual satisfaction.
  5. Identify the most common condom use errors.
  6. Describe how sex is measured as a subjective experience.

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