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Pharmacokinetics and its Interplay with Alternative Toxicity Methods

Course #: 09-648

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Course Description

CEU Course Description

In recent years, pharmacokinetics has become an intricate aspect of health care. More and more, health care professionals are being required to understand the absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of medications being utilized in the treatment of patients. Advancements in toxicity methods and clinical research are increasing the pharmacokinetics demand on health care professionals. This CEU provides nurses with information on pharmacokinetics as well as toxicity methods to advance their knowledge base and understanding of how pharmacokinetics can be used to increase the treatment outcomes of patients.

CEU Course Objectives

  1. Examine pharmacokinetics and its role in health care.
  2. Identify the health care importance of ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination).
  3. Explore the science of in vitro and in vivo research, while obtaining an understanding of systems toxicology as well as evidence-based methodologies.

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