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Medical Errors Prevention

Course #: 09-445

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Course Description

CEU Course Description

Medical errors, adverse events, contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality.  They are usually unanticipated and, more often than not, preventable.  Nurses should be increasingly sensitive to the issue of medical errors, alert to circumstances which increase the risk for their occurrence, and work to reduce the risks when identified.  This CEU course provides information about the necessity for and wherewithal to effect a reduction in medical errors and to become knowledgeable regarding existing preventative measures.

 CEU Course Objectives

  1. Enumerate the recommendations outlined in the Universal Protocol developed by the Joint Commission, along with 50 other healthcare professional organizations.
  2. Investigate the factors related to the wrong dosage of medication being administered.
  3. Examine the medication errors, which can be shown to be related to the five 'rights' that are often employed by the nurse administering the medication.
  4. Define 'error of execution' and 'error of planning.'
  5. Identify the most common medical errors.

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