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LEP Guide for Improving Patient Safety

Course #: 09-463

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Course Description

CEU Course Description 

Research suggests that adverse events affect LEP patients more frequently, are often caused by communication problems, and are more likely to result in serious harm compared to those that affect English-speaking patients.  This CEU course focuses on how nurses can better identify, report, monitor, and prevent medical errors in patients with LEP.  Built on solid research and well-tested patient safety methodology, these tools provide the case for why this field is important, as well as the basic strategies necessary to build safety systems that truly protect all patients, especially the most vulnerable. 

 CEU Course Objectives

  1. Discuss what contributes to the use of nonqualified interpreters.
  2. Enumerate the cultural beliefs and traditions that can influence the medical encounter and compound the risk for LEP patients.
  3. Investigate the high-risk clinical situations that need immediate attention to prevent adverse events among LEP patients.
  4. Examine the forms of written communication that are open to liability.
  5. Identify the data fields that should be added to the standard format for patient safety events.
  6. Describe the liability exposure situations that arise when providing care to LEP populations.

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