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Eating Hints for Cancer Support

Course #: 09-442

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Course Description

CEU Course Description

People with cancer often need to follow diets that are different from what they think of as healthy.  This CEU course provides nurses with information about common types of eating problems during cancer treatment, along with foods, drinks, and techniques to help patients manage specific eating problems.

 CEU Course Objectives

  1. Enumerate suggestions that nurses can give to patients who have changes in sense of taste or smell.
  2. Elucidate the specific problems that nurses should remind patients to inform their doctor or nurse about.
  3. Identify ways for patients to manage common problems such as diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, nausea, and lactose intolerance.
  4. Describe the special care that needs to be taken when handling and preparing food due to some cancer treatments making patients more likely to get infections.

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