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Developing New Strategies to Promote Adolescent Sexual Health

Course #: 09-869

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  • District Of Columbia Board Of Nursing: 1.00 Hours
  • Florida Board of Nursing: 1.00 Hours
  • All Other Organizations: 1.25 Hours
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Course Description

CEU Course Description

Through considerable efforts and investments of resources, adolescent pregnancy and birth rates in the United States have decreased significantly over the past two decades. Nonetheless, large disparities persist for many populations of youth. Reducing unintended adolescent pregnancies is considered a “winnable public health battle,” but one that will require innovative thinking and continued persistence. This course will review the recent research literature and innovative programmatic efforts to identify promising strategies which address the challenges of adolescent pregnancy in new ways.

CEU Course Objectives

  1. Identify strategies and related interventions which address the challenges of adolescent pregnancy.
  2. Review clinical studies associated with adolescent pregnancy.
  3. Examine the patient populations most affected by adolescent pregnancy.

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