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Breastfeeding Support

Course #: 09-436

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Course Description

CEU Course Description 

One of the most universal and natural facets of motherhood, the ability to breastfeed, helps mothers and babies bond and is vitally important to mothers' and infants' health.  For nearly all infants, breastfeeding is the best source of infant nutrition and immunologic protection.  This CEU course describes in detail how nurses can contribute to the health of mothers and their children by discussing the health, psychosocial, and economic effects of breastfeeding, Federal policy, disparities in practices, barriers to breastfeeding, and breastfeeding from the public health perspective.

 CEU Course Objectives

  1. Discuss what studies have identified to be major deficits relevant to breastfeeding in hospital policies and clinical practices.
  2. Enumerate the ten steps to successful breastfeeding that nurses can model.
  3. Explain the circumstances that can result in a poor milk supply.
  4. Investigate the contraindications for breastfeeding as stated by the AAP.
  5. Elucidate frequently cited problems with breastfeeding and ways of overcoming these problems.
  6. Identify the infections and diseases that are higher for formula-fed infants when compared to exclusively breastfed infants.

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