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Resident Rights

1. There is a minimum time frame for supervised smoking to assure resident’s rights are maintained.

A. True B. False

2. A resident’s right to privacy during medical treatments also extends to glucometer and blood sugar checks.

A. True B. False

3. Medications may be mixed with liquids and/or food if the resident refuses to take the medication orally, however, a physician’s order to mix with liquid or food is necessary.

A. True B. False

4. Resident names can only be used in an exit conference if it is not taped.

A. True B. False

5. It is permissible to place body diagrams at the head of beds for residents on drainage / secretion precautions and circle or highlight the area of the body that is draining.

A. True B. False

6. When advising residents of what services are covered under the Medicaid or Medicare program, it is sufficient for the facility to clearly tell the resident what is not covered and provide the resident with a statement that all other services are covered by the Medicare or Medicaid program.

A. True B. False

7. The resident has a right to refuse which of the following?

A. Treatment B. Participation in experimental research C. Formulation of advanced directive D. All of the above

8. An employee related to a resident must participate as a:

A. Family member B. Staff member C. Either (A) and/or (B) D. None of the above

9. The licensure rule requiring reporting of abuse to the DHSR Health Care Personnel Registry Section pertains to:

A. Resident-to-resident abuse, neglect, or misappropriation. B. Staff abuse, neglect, or misappropriation. C. Both (A) and (B). D. None of the above.

10. Failure to complete the Notice of Transfer or Discharge form shall result in the notice of transfer or discharge being ineffective.

A. True B. False

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