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LGBT Health Issues

Helpful Terms for Prevention Specialists and Healthcare Providers

1. Which of the following terms is used by persons who may not entirely identify as either male or female?

A. Bigender B. Gender non-conforming C. Genderqueer D. Transgender

A Discussion About Gender Identity

2. During which stage of gender identity development do children have well-developed gender stereotypes and show rigidity about their gender beliefs?

A. Construction B. Consolidation C. Integration D. All of the above

3. Research shows that gender identity, in many cases, is dependent on sexual orientation.

A. True B. False

Top Health Issues for Lesbians

4. Which of the following risk factors for heart disease have been found to be more prevalent among lesbians than other women?

A. Physical inactivity B. Obesity C. Smoking D. All of the above

5. Lesbians are at significantly higher risk for developing breast cancer than heterosexual women.

A. True B. False

6. Among adults, a study that examined the risk of psychiatric disorders among individuals with same-sex partners found that, during the previous 12 months, women with same-sex partners, compared to women with opposite-sex partners, experienced more of all of the following mental health disorders, except for:

A. Anxiety B. Major depression C. Phobia D. Post-traumatic stress disorder

7. It is critical to discuss with patients their coming out experience and/or plans to come out to friends and family. Many times, patients will need resources and support for this critical milestone.

A. True B. False

8. Which of the following report more hazardous drinking?

A. Lesbian women B. Bisexual women C. Heterosexual women D. All of the above report equal rates of hazardous drinking

Top Health Issues for Gay Men

9. Gay men are at increased risk for all of the following types of cancer, except for:

A. Mouth and throat B. Prostate C. Testicular D. Colon

10. Which of the following is more common among gay men than among their straight counterparts?

A. Problems with body image B. Bulimia C. Anorexia nervosa D. All of the above

11. Of young MSM, which of the following bear the greatest HIV/AIDS burden?

A. White MSM B. African-American MSM C. Hispanic MSM D. Asian MSM

12. Safer sex has been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of receiving and transmitting HIV.

A. True B. False

13. Contracting syphilis makes one more likely to transmit or acquire HIV infection sexually.

A. True B. False

14. Which of the following may play a role in the increased rates of anal cancers among gay men?

A. HIV B. Syphilis C. HPV D. All of the above

15. Universal immunization for all of the following is recommended for all MSM, except for:

A. HAV B. HBV C. HCV D. All of the above immunizations are recommended

Top Health Issues for Bisexual Men and Women

16. Among the risk factors for heart disease, bisexual women, compared to heterosexual women, are more likely to report which of the following?

A. Higher smoking rates B. Higher blood pressure levels C. Higher cholesterol levels D. All of the above

17. Bisexual adults are significantly less likely to engage in sufficient amounts of physical activity than heterosexual adults.

A. True B. False

18. Which of the following statements is true with regard to testing behaviors among bisexual women?

A. Among women ages 40 to 64 years old, bisexual women are more likely to report having had a mammogram in the past 2 years than heterosexual women. B. Bisexual women have the highest rate of having received a Pap test in the past 2 years when compared to lesbian and heterosexual women. C. Both (A) and (B) are true. D. None of the above are true.

19. Compared to heterosexual women, bisexual women are more likely to report engaging in which of the following?

A. Sex with a man who is known to have sex with men. B. Sex with an HIV positive man. C. Sex with injecting drug users. D. All of the above.

20. When compared with heterosexual women and lesbians, bisexual women exhibit the lowest rates of combining substance and/or alcohol use with sex.

A. True B. False

21. Studies have generally found that bisexual and gay men are more likely to report having a sexually transmitted infection than are people of other sexual orientations.

A. True B. False

22. Researchers have suggested that bisexual adults have the lowest level of emotional well-being among people of other sexual orientations.

A. True B. False

23. Bisexual men are significantly more likely to binge drink than heterosexual men.

A. True B. False

Top Health Issues for Transgender People

24. Research suggests an association between masculinizing hormone therapies, such as testosterone, and all of the following, except for:

A. Venous thromboembolic disease B. Elevated liver enzymes C. Loss of bone mineral density D. Increased risk for ovarian cancer

25. It is critical for nurses to note that, in transgender women who take estrogen, smoking greatly increases the chances for blood clots.

A. True B. False

26. Transgender men who take testosterone increase their risk of heart disease, and smoking further increases that risk.

A. True B. False

27. Studies have suggested that barriers to treatment services for transgender people often include:

A. Discrimination B. Provider hostility and insensitivity C. Strict binary gender segregation within programs D. All of the above

28. Which of the following have the highest rates of HIV prevalence among transgender people?

A. African-American transgender men B. African-American transgender women C. Latina transgender women D. Latino transgender men

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